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Show Me the Munny at Atama

Show Me the Munny marks Atama’s grand opening! I huge congrats to both Atama and Centre. The event was a major success and was very exciting to see so many supporters of the urban vinyl toy community. It has come Dallas! A place to get…

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Texas Toys Too by KERA’s Art&Seek

Insert from original story So is it selling out or self-empowerment? Vanessa Velasquez is a 25-year-old artist from The Colony. She’s created her own brand name, Nreazon. Nreazon has sold designer toys for $800 apiece — her specialty are hand-painted versions of “blanks” (white, unpainted models that…

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New York Trip

I decided to take a well deserved trip to New York City and get a little play time in. Here is a few photos from the trip.

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